My Sister, My Friend: Womens Empowerment & Health Conference 

My Sister, My Friend is an annual conference and health fair that seeks to empower Women to live healthy lives and build a community of “sisters”.  For 17 years, BCFLC has hosted its annual Women’s Conference and Health Fair in celebration of Women’s
History Month. Women participate in educational workshops on topics ranging from stress management and depression to parenting challenges, to becoming a better you—improving your self-esteem to maintaing a healthy diet on a shoe string budget. In partnership with the National Black Commission on HIV/AIDS we provide HIV testing and Workshops to educate women on the reality of the high incidences of HIV among Women of Color and how they can protect themselves.  A panel of Medical Doctors including: a pediatrician, general practitioner, nephrologist, gynecologist and podiatrist provide answers to  questions the women submit in an interactive discussion.